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Resolution Products Wireless Repeater


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The Resolution Products RE524X is a universal wireless translation device. This product is designed to convert wireless signals from one RF signal to another. It is powered by an included 12VDC power supply with a barrel connector for simple setup. Each alarm manufacturer selects their own propriety wireless signal for their RF transmitters to communicate back to the RF receiver. Although 2GIG GC panels support Honeywell 5800 series sensors out of the box, most alarm systems are stuck with using the same brand of wireless sensors. Well, the RE524X changes everything by supporting the translation of the most popular RF sensors to the most popular wireless alarm panels all in a single device.

Similar to other translator modules this device will not convert signals for life safety devices! Any existing wireless smoke, heat or CO detectors will not work with this device. The recommended approach is to purchase new RF devices that are supported to the current alarm system.

Before the release of this revolutionary product, Resolution Products sold several different modules that translated one specific RF technology to another. For example, the RE224 was able to receive 2GIG (345MHz) RF signals and transmit Honeywell (5800 series) RF back to a Honeywell LYNX Touch panel. This was perfect for a situation where there are 2GIG sensors with a Honeywell alarm panel but ruled out the use of any other sensors. This device will translate up to 64 Honeywell zones and unlimited (i.e. the maximum number of supported sensors) for any other compatible system currently.

Essentially, the RE524X is the ultimate take-over and upgrade tool. Just because you have old interlogix wireless sensors does not mean you have to keep your old GE Simon panel. You can upgrade to a 2GIG GC3 panel and utilize the technologically advanced features of Maybe you have been researching the new Honeywell self-contained panels and the new Lyric Controller is in your sights. Install the RE524X and upgrade to a state of the art Lyric panel. This product removes the proprietary and technological constraints of upgrading to a different brand of alarm equipment by eliminating the need to swap in all new sensors.

After you select the panel and sensor type using the knobs, each sensor must be learned into the RE524X. Press “configure” on the inside of the module. Then tamper or trip each sensor one at a time in order to learn them in. Once they are all enrolled press “configure” button again to exit the learning mode. Next you need to learn the translator itself into the alarm system as a zone. For Honeywell and 2GIG panels set the zone to loop 1. With the tamper cover open on the converter, each sensor can be programmed to the alarm panel. We recommend learning in the serial numbers by tripping the senor.


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