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70 Volt 8″ Ceiling Speaker w/ Knob Volume Control (off-white)


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Bogen’s Ceiling Speaker Assemblies consist of an 8″ Cone Speaker (S86 or S810) pre-assembled onto a 13″ steel ceiling grille painted with off-white (PG8W) or bright white (PG8U) enamel. Options for these assemblies are recessed volume control (VR), volume control with knob (VK), and rear-mounted screw terminal strip for power taps (BR).
Product Features

4-watt capacity

8″ cone speaker for excellent audio quality

6 different power taps available (4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 W)

T725 4-watt transformer

Off-white enamel over steel grille (“W” versions)

Pre-assembled for faster installation

Works with both 70V and 25V amplifier outputs

volume control – with knob

10 oz. magnet weights


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