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Maintenance & Remodeling

We enable your vision by providing customized home maintenance, home security, home theater systems, and larger remodeling projects. At SHS, we strive to provide quality craftsmanship and to serve the community with the highest integrity.

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Spartan Home Services offers a total home solution where we customize to your vision for your largest investment.

We provide our clients with home maintenance, home security and theater, up to larger remodeling projects. SHS strives to serve the community with the highest integrity and quality craftsmanship.

Home Maintenance

We implement our maintenance program by meeting with each home owner to customize a month-to-month service.

This frees the client from the endless projects and *honey-to-do list* of owning a home. Enjoy your weekend, spend time as a family, save time and money by entrusting one company, who upholds quality work the first time, to handle it all for you. If we don’t offer what you need then we can recommend a company with similar values.

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