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Vacuum Premium Electric Central Vacuum Hose 30′



Unbelievable 5-Year Warranty – Voted Best In Industry!
100% Crush-Proof / Lightweight 360° Swivel
Creates 27% more suction power
New Available Sizes: 30 ft, 36 ft or 50 ft
New comfort grip, ergonomic handle with button lock
Unsurpassed Durability, Airflow, and Flexibility

UL Certified
Top of the line in quality, this crushproof electric central vacuum hose with 3-way dual switching control is designed for operation of a power head & entire system. Better airflow, lighter weight & longer lasting! This hose fits Standard 1.5″ diameter inlets. This Brand New dual voltage crush proof hose is lightweight and easy to maneuver while cleaning. Ergonomic handle design allows an extremely comfortable grip when in use and the handle strain relief prevents kinking. With a larger inside diameter of 1 3/8″, this premium electric hose provides better air-flow compared to many other hoses sold within the central vacuum industry. Simply put you get what you pay for so why invest into a hose that is inferior to this premium central vacuum electric hose. If you’re truly looking for a hose of quality and one that will provide years of reliable service you’re looking at it!


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