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Sonance Visual Performance Surround Speakers (6 7/8″)


SKU: 93023 VP46R SST/SUR Category:

SST/SUR is a combination of SST and SUR in one speaker• Uses a switch on the crossover cover to select between SST or SUR Absolute best sonic performance at all price points• Designed using state-of-the-art computer modeling software to vastly improve magnetic field and suspension linearity for consistent sonic performance at any SPL for best-in-class performance Latest high-tech driver and tweeter material technology • Improved low frequency performance• Improved driver cone materials• Low diffraction driver design• Chambered midrange and tweeter design on all models. The chambered tweeter design does the following• Lowers the resonance frequency of the tweeter• Allows for a lower crossover frequency to the woofer• Reduces the back pressure on the tweeter dome• Reduces the distortion of the tweeter near the crossover frequency.


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