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Sonance Sonamp DSP Amplifier DSP 2-750 MKII


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The new line of DSP amplifiers feature SonARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction), which offers hundreds of EQ presets designed specifically for Sonance speakers available through simple pull down menus. The presets enable effortless DSP without the need for additional hardware, software, and more importantly time. Additionally, should there be a need for further customization, SonARC provides a 10-band parametric EQ to optimize sonic performance in any space.
At the core of every DSP amplifier is a powerful 24 bit/96K DAC, capable of handling a full 4608 Kbps of audio data. Most amplifiers have processing limitations that constrain the audio output, and limit the maximum amount of pass through information to 1411 Kbps which compromises the quality of the listening experience. Sonance DSP amplifiers enable listeners to enjoy the full clarity and output of whatever audio passes through, from MP3 to full High Resolution Audio.


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