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RTI XP-3 Control Processor


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When the XP-3 is incorporated into an RTI control solution, the result is nothing short of exceptional. Boasting a powerful 533MHz CPU and 128MB of non-volatile flash memory, the processor packs a big punch and easy expansion capabilities. With a built-in RF transceiver and support for wireless bi-directional communications utilizing robust ZigBee® technology, the XP-3 can provide the user with real-time feedback from supported third-party devices such as music servers, lighting, security, and much more. Now, important data from these devices is available to the user with a simple touch from current song information to the status of a security systemeven the weather forecast! The XP-3 is loaded with features normally reserved for higher-priced processors, such as a built-in astronomical clock and control via Ethernet, RS-232, and relays. The XP-3 is the ultimate choice for powerful bi-directional control and automation at a moderate price!


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