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Nuvo 500 Watt Digital Rack-Mount Subwoofer Amplifier


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Add that extra kick to your subwoofer and audio system with the Nuvo 500 Watt Digital Rack-Mount Subwoofer Amplifier. This subwoofer amplifier offers maximum versatility for installations of nearly any configuration and provides advanced features to enhance control and quality of your audio system. The Nuvo Digital Subwoofer Amplifier comes equipped with multiple compatibility and performance features that make it a viable addition to any kind of audio system. Its 12V DC input/output triggers allow external devices to control the amplifier and vice versa. The amplifier only operates and uses power when active, using signal-sensing power activation to automatically turn on when it detects signals from connected devices. When no signals are detected from connected devices after 15 minutes, it will automatically switch to a low power standby mode.


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