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Mount Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount


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An inverted ceiling mount with the exclusive All-Points security system, the Chief RPAU is the top-selling projector mount in the industry. Ideal for use offices, schools and homes, it is supplied with everything needed for quick installation, a low-profile look and easy projector maintenance.

It features a solid steel design, integrated cable management, and independent roll, pitch and yaw. It offers easy projector maintenance, quick projector connect/disconnect, and adjustable mounting legs and feet. The patented All-Points is an integrated security system that uses security hardware at all key connection points to protect projectors from theft. Steel-into-steel construction makes All-Points more effective than other integrated security systems.

The RPAU includes a universal interface bracket, making it compatible with 95% of inverted projectors on the market. This makes it perfect for installers who are uncertain of a customer’s projector type.


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