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Faceplate Ultra Pro 1 Brush White Wall Plate


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The GE Ultra Pro 1 Brush Wall Plate is ideal for home theater applications. It fits a standard wall mount and enables you to run many different audio/video cables neatly through the wall for a clean appearance. The Decora 2 Piece design fits into a standard wall mount and is finished in classic white. It is also suited for routing network cables. There are no connectors to figure out. Just push the cables or wires through the brushes. Installation screws are included. This product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Single brush wall plate works perfectly with all cable types and easily creates cable access from any wall in all environments
Perfect for HDTV installations and home theatre and works great with HDMI cables, coax cables, all standard AV audio video cables, speaker wires, all network cables and more
Very easy to install and can be set up in just minutes
This package is equipped with mounting screws and hardware and is installed by simply inserting the brush into the outer casing and placing on the wall
Fits most standard single outlets and is painted white to match your whole house panel


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