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Faceplate 1 Gang 2 Port Keystone


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Retrofit wallplate installation typically requires a new mud ring or mounting bracket be installed, before the wallplate goes on the wall. The process takes several steps, and once the bracket is in place, its tough to make any final alignment changes and the result is often a crooked wallplate. The new patented QuickPlate Tempo wallplate from Leviton enables faster installations of data, voice and audiovisual network connections, allows contractors to stock fewer products on their trucks, and provides easy alignment and adjustment during retrofit work. QuickPlate Tempo wallplates with ID windows save installation time by eliminating the need for a low-voltage box or mounting bracket in datacom installations. By integrating drywall clamps directly into the wallplate, installation is as easy as marking and cutting the hole in the drywall using the built-in guides and then inserting the wallplate and tightening two screws. These patented Single-Gang Wallplates accept QuickPort snap-in modules to support multimedia station applications. They are ideal for use where port designation windows in a one-piece, single-gang, economical flush-mount housing is desired. Wallplates are available with two or four ports and in five colors (white, light almond, ivory, grey, and black).

Wallplate ID window slots provide a quick template for marking the drywall hole, and molded-in center lines make alignment fast and easy
Integrated design eliminates misaligned box eliminator brackets and resulting drywall damage caused by re-alignment attempts
Since mounting brackets or box eliminators are not necessary, the wallplate will always fit flush for an effortless, professional-looking installation
Wings accommodate wallboard thickness up to 5/8 in.
Wallplates accommodate all Leviton quickport connectors, supporting a large selection of datacom and AV applications
Available in single-gang, 2- and 4-port options and multiple colors, including white, light almond, ivory, grey and black
Patented rear wings (US Patent 7468487) tighten to wallboard, eliminating the need for a box or mounting brackets and supporting fast, 1-step installation with a flush mount


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