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Avycon High Power Indoor/Outdoor CPE 5.8GHz up to 300Mbps


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The ANCP3005Q Wireless CPE Bridge allows for transmitting signal from IP cameras up to 6 miles away (line-of-sight)*. By utilizing a Qualcomm chipset and the 5.8GHz WiFi spectrum, the ANCP3005Q is not susceptible to the usual interference and signal issues that other wireless bridges can encounter.

You can also power a single IP camera by utilizing the PoE output port on the ANCP3005Q, which can save the trouble of running another CAT5 cable to power the camera.

* Two ANCP3005Q devices are required to successfully transmit signal wirelessly.

High Power Indoor/Outdoor CPE with Qualcomm® Atheros Chipset
– Range up to 6 miles away with line of sight
Can be used to connect remote IP cameras to existing NVR’s / DVR’s
– Supports up to 300Mbps
Utilizes the 5.8Ghz Wi-Fi frequency, avoiding the congested 2.4Ghz bandwidth in use on most Wi-Fi today
Dual 14dBi antennas
Supports the following operation modes: Bridge, Access Point, Router and Repeater
Supports providing PoE power to a single IP camera attached to CPE
Includes 48V PoE power injector which allows for powering CPE from up to 330ft. away
LEDs provide information about system status and signal strength for alignment in Bridge mode
Hardware Reset button
Outdoor Rated down to -40°F
Supports Pole, Wall or Rack Mounting


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